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wedding ceremony!

Planning a ceremony can feel overwhelming, but I want to let you in on a little secret:

it doesn't have to be!

Hi! I'm Brittany Shannon, 

Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®

genuine ceremony enthusiast, and ritual reveler

My passion is to help others meaningfully celebrate life's milestones. Allow me to help you realize your vision for a memorable and unique ceremony. Through my skills and experience in ceremony structure and creation, I will illuminate the beauty of your story and 

work with you to create a memorable and 

highly-personalized ceremony.

Work with me and meaningfully celebrate 

your love through ceremony.   

What my wedding clients are saying:

Through our initial meetings, completing the wedding questionnaire, and having the ability to review a draft of the ceremony, we felt as though she knew us both and we were 100% confident that every word spoken was coming from our hearts through our officiant. She created a story that really encapsulated our relationship and provided us with a copy to remember when we're old and grey! Her calm and compassionate demeanor helped keep our nerves in check throughout the day and I honestly cannot imagine the day any other way!”

- Nathan and Cristal Laanstra


A Fully Custom Ceremony and So Much More!

Known by some as "Ceremony Magicians", Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants® have the reputation of transforming traditional ceremonies into living, breathing experiences perfectly suited to the needs of their clients.

Listed below are some of the ways that this magic is made:

I Begin With a Complimentary Conversation

Imagine getting to know your potential officiant on a relaxed phone call over a cup of coffee or tea? Beginning with a no-obligation complimentary phone conversation, clients can voice their questions openly and get to know me.

I Offer Unlimited Consultations

Your ceremony is important and sometimes the best ideas take time to percolate. Once you have selected me as your officiant, I offer unlimited consultations with clients to ensure that every brilliant idea is incorporated smoothly.

I Inspire Creativity and Offer Vow Writing Assistance

Allow me to provide ample inspiration and creative assistance through carefully selected research and resource materials suited to the theme of your ceremony. 

I Encourage Rehearsals

Ease yourself into your ceremony, by taking the time to rehearse. Rehearsals provide an excellent opportunity to practice essential choreography. Allow me to show you how rehearsing can help to heighten your enjoyment of the overall experience.     

I Connect the Professionals

To me, ceremony coordination is key. For this reason, I provide cue sheets for wedding professionals like venue staff, musicians, photographers, and videographers to highlight special aspects of the ceremony. 

I Allow Clients the Final Say

My ceremonies are custom crafted in collaboration with my clients. This means that the clients approve every word of the script I develop for them. My goal is to translate your vision into reality.   


My Celebrant Wedding Ceremony Package Includes:

  • A Customized Ceremony Script
  • Unlimited Ceremony Script Editing and Email Consultations 
  • Ceremony Resources and Research Materials
  • Consultations with Ceremony Professionals Hired by Clients (like photographers, videographers, musicians, and venue staff)
  • Ceremony Rehearsal
  • Officiating at Ceremony
  • Filing of Marriage License (legally required in the case of a Wedding Ceremony)

Interested in Other Ceremonies I Officiate?

Celebrate All of Life's Transitions Through Ceremony



"If you’re like me, you only want to surround yourself with the best on your wedding day. Brittany is definitely the best. She knew exactly what to do on the big day and made sure we were prepared, mentally and emotionally. The ceremony she custom-designed for us perfectly encapsulated everything about our relationship and her calm, friendly demeanor kept me, specifically, from wigging out. I was put at ease simply having her there, encouraging us and keeping things casual! Many of our guests also commented on how wonderful Brittany was! I am very happy that my big day was officiated by Brittany - and I think anyone who hires her will be as well."

- Lisa Hoekstra

(Photo Credit: Jenny Thompson Photography)

“From the moment we first spoke to Brittany on the phone we were touched by her warmth and her passion for what she does. She patiently guided us through the process, and offered plenty of suggestions for what the ceremony could look like, while allowing us to shape our celebration to be exactly as we wanted. When we met Brittany for the rehearsal, she looked exactly as we expected – a kind soul with the biggest smile you can imagine. We were married under the trees on the waterfront of our property, and Brittany suggested a tree planting ceremony as part of the celebration. – a wonderful idea, that symbolized our love for another and our attachment to our land.”

- Walter Bauer and Veronique Rousseau 

                            (Photo Credit: Russett Photography)

"We are grateful for all your time and help with creating the perfect wedding ceremony. 

The wording you created was perfect and fully captured ‘us’.

Following our ceremony, all the guests had wonderful things to say about you and the ceremony you created. They all felt you were the perfect person to officiate our wedding. 

They all wanted me to tell you how much they enjoyed the ceremony and that you are absolutely wonderful.

Having you officiate our wedding made our wedding day (and all the days leading up to it) a dream come true. 

You were always available and easy to communicate with. We found you very personable and a joy to work with. 

You were able to answer all of our questions and make us feel at ease.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

- Tanya and Jim Eadie

© 2022 Brittany Shannon

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